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'D'Arcy Ranch Wins Award'

 10/8/2013 Granite in zone 1 has been completed.

6/27/2013 Chandler City council approved a matching grant request for $5,000 for the D'Arcy Ranch HOA, located south of Ray Road, west of Federal Street and east of Country Club Way. The community will use the grant funds to replace and install gravel along major arterial and collector streets that are visible to the public, in an effort to enhance the appearance of their community.

As most of you know, one of the goals of our HOA has been to improve the way our community looks. We have been making landscaping upgrades as money becomes available.

While attending HOA classes sponsored by the City, a few of our board members became aware of a Grant Program aimed at helping communities to make improvements. With a lot of help from community members, we applied for a $5,000.00 grant to help replenish the gravel along Ray Rd (from Federal to Country Club and then south for several hundred feet).

We are excited to announce we are in the final stages of approval. The Grant was reviewed by the City and sent on to the Neighborhood Advisory Committee (NAC). NAC is responsible for reviewing the grant applications and determining whether they are sent on to the City Council for consideration. Several members of our community attended the NAC meeting held May 14th, 2013. The committee voted to approve the Grant and send the request to the City Council for final approval.

Please watch here for information on when the request will go before the City Council. We would really like to see a strong turnout from our community to support the Grant approval.

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